His company is one of the leading installers of electric vehicle charging stations in the Lower Mainland — RenovationFind Blog

Taylor Ross, 29 FOUNDER AND CEOTDR ELECTRIC> Life Story: Some people contemplate for years about what they’ll do after high school. The day he graduated, Taylor Ross got a call from a family friend who owned an electrical company. He started work the following Monday. The Pemberton native then spent some time in the North, plying […]

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Installing laminate flooring

What Kind of Flooring Should You Use for Your Renovation? — RenovationFind Blog

Flooring can be an overlooked part of a renovation — but it shouldn’t be. Flooring can completely change up a room by helping to create an open, airy space, or by doing the opposite and grounding it with a deep, rich colour.  However, these days renovators are spoiled for choice – there’s just so much […]

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